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„His pride got him and he wanted recognition from the ultimate bad guy. And instead, he dies a few episodes later. He needn’t have done that. He could have got away with it and become a womanizing bastard. But he had to go and get recognition from Billy Bob.” (Martin Freeman)

„Awards are a nice thing, but let’s not pretend they’re the reason we went into the job.” (Martin Freeman)

"I hate the fact that so much of our life is computerised rather than mechanised." (Martin Freeman)

„Martin doesn’t like acting, doesn’t like representing. He likes feeling, likes being. There’s enormous technique at play in his work. He can do almost anything and imagine himself into almost any situation and then, with enormous delicacy, present it for the camera. It’s so difficult to analyze how Martin Freeman works, but he’s better than most of us…”  

                                (Ian McKellen talks about Martin Freeman)